We love good food!

Growing up, the backyard of our grandparent's house was decked out with an enormous veggie patch producing the freshest tomatoes, the most fragrant herbs and loads of other vegetables making the meals cooked in the family kitchen vibrant, wholesome and rich in aromas and flavour.

Our family and our Italian heritage has taught us to respect and appreciate, nourishing and tasty food.

In 1930 our family established The Perfect Cheese Company. This was the first company in Australia to make and supply authentic Italian cheeses that are now part of our staple foods in Australia.

After selling Perfect Cheese we moved on to making Pasta and Sauces with the establishment of Maria's Pasta. Since the 1980s Maria's Pasta has become an institution of fine and delicious pasta. And of course, you'll find the complete, delicious range of Maria's Pasta products in this online store!

For years now, we have also been a key supplier of some of the best food to Melbourne retail stores and food service industry. It was our family's love of good food that lead us to sourcing exceptional products, and saw the evolution of Maria's Select Foods.

Now, for your convenience Maria's Select @ home delivers these products to you and to homes all across Melbourne.